Procurement Mandate

As your medical procurement partner, we leverage proven suppliers, manufacturers, financial, and logistics partners to provide a reliable solution to secure the product you need to keep your patients and team healthy and safe.

Safe, Secure, Successful Transactions

We facilitate procurement transactions: advising buyers on submittal packages, securing product through aligned suppliers with the capacity to meet any product in any quantity. And we retain our own counsel to facilitate secure communications to protect the interests of all parties.

Medical Products Procurement

We provide a turnkey, hassle-free solution for medical products procurement to address the serious consequences of supply-chain uncertainty. With Spartan as your procurement partner, you'll get better products, fully-vetted, from reliable manufacturers, for less.

Secure, Reliable, Successful Transactions

We secure Nitrile Gloves, FDA Certified Isolation and Surgical Gowns, Personal Protective in Response to the Global Need for Reliable Supply Chain Consultation and Medical Products Procurement.

Medical products Procurement

A proven network of Made in USA and International manufacturing capacities to provide the right product or make to your specification

Product Consulting

Dedicated product management team to consult with you to ensure that we match product specifications with available options, alternatives, pricing and delivery schedule

tRUSTED suppliers

We leverage direct-relationships with proven manufacturers - on-the-ground inspection teams to review facilities and inspect documents for authenticity and accuracy

enterprise-level capacity

Capacity to manufacture and deliver millions of units to meet the immediate needs of Government and large institutions - for both the initial order and ongoing replenishment

Financing Options

Though our partners, we provide a variety of short-term options to provide the greatest amount of flexibility and risk-avoidance with varying capital and escrow solutions


We're focused on investing in American businesses through a reliable network of USA manufacturers of PPE to minimize time, cost and risk to our essential workers