Spartan Medical Solutions is a woman-owned business enterprise (WBE) focused on helping American workers and building a Made in USA supply chain for PPE.

Spartan Medical Solutions helps enterprise-level organizations with consulting and strategic sourcing of a reliable and authentic supply of medical products and personal protective equipment. Through an alliance with our manufacturing and distribution center in Raleigh, NC and an engineering and logistics team in Shanghai, China, our team designs, engineers and distributes consumer and  highly-engineered finished-goods, for consumer and industrial industries.

Our goal is to help our customers navigate the complex supply chain of international suppliers so that they can focus on serving their patients, empowering their staff, and keeping all of them safe. We are actively developing an American Supply Chain and network of manufacturers to minimize the disruptive nature of international logistics, and reinvest in the American economy and our people.


Point to Point Product Consulting

A dedicated product consultant will review your specific application, your requirements, compliance, and any logistical requirements to establish a smooth partnership, fast delivery and the right price to meet your protective equipment needs.

the capacity to deliver

Our goal is to provide a reliable, ongoing partnership to deliver a continuous supply of protective solutions and the capacity to deliver millions of units. As part of our solution, we consult with each client to ensure that we supply the right solution for their unique application at the best price possible, with regards for speed and quality required. 

ppe and global shortages

We specialize in products that are needed most in the US and are in the shortest supply, for example, AAMI Level 1-4 Protective Medical Gowns, to protect our healthcare workers in the environments at the highest risk of exposure. 

international partners

We founded Spartan Medical Solutions to address the unique challenges of sourcing Personal Protective Equipment during the global COVID-19 pandemic.