Procurement Automation Engine

We’re making the process of securing product easier and more reliable through a process of precise requirements matching, where we capture detailed parameters of purchasers and then match them up to the requirements of the sellers. By doing so, we can quickly find the magic intersection of of ready-sellers and ready-buyers who have comparable transaction requirements. This helps everyone avoid transaction failure when each party’s parameters are misaligned.

Introducing S.P.A. Spartan Procurement Automation “engine”

It’s no secret that one of the casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic is traditional supply chains. The unprecedented imbalance between supply and demand has created a fast-moving, volatile marketplace where both buyers and sellers assume a relatively high-degree of risk.

The reasons for increased volatility straightforward. The vetting process requires additional security and compliance, and the products are simply being manufactured, distributed, and sold very quickly. And all of these transactions are developing in various stages of the supply chain: from original manufacture, to shipping, warehousing, and transit to final destinations.

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SPA Engine

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